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The passion for music has always been there. Over the years Graham has traveled far from the desert roads of Arizona where he grew up. Headlining at major festivals and clubs all around the world; party people all around appreciate Graham's personal touch to his music and performances

Graham Fee grew up in an environment in which a wide variety of musical styles were appreciated and music was being made by people in his home, both family and friends, not just coming out of an electronic device like a radio. Whether it was his dad and some friends playing guitars, or records and tapes being played at a party, what fascinated Graham was watching how people reacted to the music. The dynamics of how music could create an atmosphere and move people became a focus as strong as his love of the music itself. Soon Graham developed a feel for moving crowds and his love for music continued to grow.

In 1998, Graham moved to Southern California and started venturing out into Southern California’s "party" scene, he was able to meet the DJs who he admired. Hitting the clubs, purchasing records at all the local shops and learning from the numerous influences in the area, he was introduced to all the different genres of electronic music. Finding elements in each style that he liked, Graham found these influences helped him to better understand how each different groove made people move.

Graham began to play at local parties and small events in the Orange County area. Partygoers soon recognized his talent and he began to be invited to play more frequently. While playing the party circuit, Graham was introduced to world-renowned producer Pablo Gargano from Eve Records out of London, England. His friendship with Pablo quickly grew and Graham began to delve into producing music. As word of Graham's artistry spread, he began performing at events away from his hometown of Huntington Beach.

In late 2000, Graham began his residency Remedy Entertainment that he still holds today. Remedy began producing weekly events in Costa Mesa, California and focused on inviting the world’s best artists to come and perform. In this position, Graham was called upon to share center stage with artists the likes of Christopher Lawrence, Max Graham, Dave Ralph, Donald Glaude, Bad Boy Bill, Angel Alanis, DJ Dan, Jerry Bonham, Charles Feelgood and even many other international superstars that graced the decks.

During this time Graham began to seriously concentrate on producing music. He was invited to travel to London and work closely with Eve Records and Pablo Gargano. After two solid weeks locked up in the studio, "System Overload" was completed with the original and Remedy remix being picked up by Telica Communications. Telica released the record in August 2001 and has received great support by artists such as Jody of Way Out West, Dave Ralph, and Christopher Lawrence. Dave Ralph charted it at number 7 in his "Top 10" and was placed #1 on Christopher Lawrence’s "Top 10" as featured in ‘Mixer Magazine’. "System Overload" was also featured on an "Mixmag" cover CD and Swedish Egil presents Telica mixed compilation.

Graham’s other productions have been picked up by Eve Records Group/ Discover and were released late in 2003 as well as being licensed for four different mixed compilations that have been released world-wide. The first is a John "00" Fleming CD compilation entitled "White Label, Euphoria". The second was a CD compilation entitled "Hands to Heaven". The last two were released in 2003, "Swedish Egil presents Telica" out on Thump Records and Christopher Lawrence’s "Exposure IV" out on Hook and System Recordings. Additionally, Graham’s production work was the background music for Seb Fontaine’s nationally aired TV commercial for his last mix compilation on Thrive Records.

During the past years Graham has headlined at clubs all across the U.S. and South America; even being called to perform along side the world’s most renowned DJ: Paul Van Dyk.

Now with the support of SEVEN records, you can find Graham's recent productions in all your favorite records shops and online stores. Remember: When you purchase music, you support the artist!
October 2011: Part II
Here is Part II of the October mixes, this one is a little more out in the club feel. Hope you enjoy.

October 2011: Part I
Here is Part I of the October mixes, a little more deep and groovy. I like doing these combo mixes as it gives me opportunty to play everything I like. Hope you enjoy.

September 2011: StarSessions Radio Mix
Special thanks to DJ GiangStar for having me on the show, that was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone in the chat room; I hope you enjoyed it!

September 2011
This is a very special mix. All the tracks are from artists that I have met through SEVEN Records, they are from all across the globe and they are AMAZING! I really hope you enjoy this mix, this is exactly where SEVEN Records is heading.

July 2011, PART II
Here is Part II of for July, it fits right in where Part I left off. This mix has some AMAZING tracks on it and has been getting a great response. I hope you enjoy!!!

July 2011, deep mix
The famous "M" mix! Not sure how it happened, but most of the artists on this mix names began with "M". It's a little deeper and will sneak up on you! For those of you that loved "Live in San Francisco Part I", you will absolutely love this mix!

Recorded live in Atlanta, GA June 18, 2011
It was a super hot day, as the deep South can be. Right after my set, a major storm came screaming though and a few of the stages were blown over. Thanks to everyone at the event! ...and to everyone that stuck though the storm.

Recorded live at Club GIANT June 2, 2011
WOW!!! What a night! ...so much fun! Thank you to everyone there!! I can't wait to go back, much much love!! Charles Feelgood threw down as well. Pretty special night in OC.

May 2011, live tech mix
A fun mix of tech house, some clubbier stuff too.

April 2011, pre Coachella set
The pre COACHELLA mix! Major event this weekend, this should get your to the gates. Hope everyone has a great time and remember to drink plenty of water; it's going to be HOT!!

New Year's day, January 2011 - HAPPY NEW YEAR

December 2010, a little more clubby, but still a lot of fun

November 2010, awesome tech mix
Part II to a great live set, possibly a little deeper than Part I.
October 2010, Part II of Live in San Francisco

October 2010, Part I - Live in San Francisco
Live in San Francisco! Lots of tribal and soulful tracks in the mix. I think you're going to love this mix as it has been one of the most requested mixes of the year. Always a favorite among many different people.

July 4, 2010 - Part III Indonesian Cafe

May 31, 2010 - Part II Indonesian Cafe

April 15, 2010 - Part I Indonesian Cafe
So I just got back from WMC and threw away all my CDs! Ugh!!!! Here is the new mix, it's much more of what I am looking for and I believe you will enjoy it. WELCOME TO INDONESIA CAFE!!

December 16, 2009 - Live at Heat with Cosmic Gate

This was one hell of a night, I have to keep the mix up. There are You Tube videos everywhere. Words can't accurately describe the feeling of this night. It isn't too often that I get to play more progressive and this was so much fun.
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